Evert Thielen - Monografie

Evert Thielen, by Dagmar Thielen

Monograph on the entire oeuvre, the meaning of paintings and many polyptychs with a lot of images.

Publisher Wbooks, Zwolle 2019

220 pages

Evert Thielen

Evert Thielen, by Dagmar Thielen

Beautifully maintained publication with many detailed shots.

Publisher Kerber Verlag, Berlin.

German and English edition

302 pages

Evert Thielen - A layered reality

A layered reality

Beautiful arranged new publication with unique pictures and suprising detail shots from the paintings of Evert Thielen. Introduction by Antoine Bodar

Publisher Van de Wiele, Bruges 2012

95 pages

Evert Thielen - The painting as a podium

The painting as a podium

Evert Thielen, "Het Schilderij als Podium", by W. Van der Beek

Publisher Waanders, Zwolle 2011

140 pages

Evert Thielen - Rebuilding of the reality

Rebuilding of the reality

Evert Thielen, by Wim van der Beek, "Herschepping van de werkelijkheid"

Publisher Waanders b.v., Zwolle 2005

191 pages

Evert Thielen - De Veelluiken

The Polyptychs

Evert Thielen: The Polyptychs

Publisher Waanders b.v., Zwolle 2002

116 pages

Evert Thielen - Vrouwen geschilderd door Evert Thielen

Women painted by Evert Thielen

Evert Thielen, by Drs. Loek Brons, "Vrouwen geschilderd door Evert Thielen"

Publisher Van Spijk b.v., Venlo 1999

148 pages

Evert Thielen - Unified


Unified, polyptich painted on commission for Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts, by Evert Thielen in the period between 1993 and 1996.

Release of Sara Lee/DE, Utrecht 1996

44 pages

Catalogue for De Schepping

Catalogue for "De Schepping"

“Tijd en traditie in het werk van Evert Thielen” [Time and Tradition in the work of Evert Thielen] by Rieta Bergsma with a preface by Loek Brons

Release of Collection Drs. Loek Brons B.V., Amsterdam 1990

Evert Thielen, door Bas Roodnat, met een voorwoord van Hanneke Besseling

Evert Thielen

Evert Thielen, by Bas Roodnat, with a preface by Hanneke Besseling

Publisher Van Spijk, Venlo 1992

119 pages

Evert Thielen - Schilder/Painter t.g.v. de overzichtstentoonstelling in het Singer Museum Laren April 1986

Evert Thielen, Schilder/Painter

Evert Thielen, Schilder/Painter on the occasion of the overview exhibition in the Singer Museum Laren April 1986 by P.W.F. Brinkman and H. Redeker

Publisher Van Spijk, Venlo 1986

96 pages

Evert Thielen - Catalogus Rond een veelluik

Catalogue for "Rond een Veelluik"

Catalogue for "Rond een veelluik" [About a Polyptich], by P.W.F. Brinkman, with a preface by Prof. P.H. Pott and a contribution by J.J. Hey.

Publisher Stichting Veelluik, The Hague 1982

47 pages